Pool Tile Cleaning Ventura County, CA

Image of pool tile before being cleaned by New Image.

Before New Image Pool Tile Cleaning Service

Image of pool tile before being cleaned by New Image.

After New Image Pool Tile Cleaning Service

New Image Pools provides pool tile cleaning services throughout all of Ventura County, California.

Over time the tiles in and around your pool will get dirty, stained and scaly. In Ventura County, CA, hard water is a way of life, but that doesn’t mean your pool can’t sparkle and shine. Our pool tile cleaning process is highly effective at getting rid of those unsightly stains and it is non-hazardous and safe. The process we use, Media Blasting, takes less than a day and we only drain a few inches from your pool.

Since pools have a variety of surfaces, including tile, brick, flagstone or rock, we use the media that best suits your particular pool surface whether it is beads, baking soda or Kieserite. Media Blasting is similar to sandblasting for paint removal, however, the pressure and media used are adjusted for pool surfaces. At New Image Pool & Tile Cleaning the media we use most often is Kieserite. Kieserite is a mined mineral salt that is non-hazardous and safe for your family, pets and plants. There are no acids or harsh chemicals involved with this process.

Once the blasting is complete and the stains are removed, any remaining media is vacuumed and removed. The only thing left behind is your freshly cleaned, glistening pool. After your pool surface is restored to its original state, we will reseal it with a protectant to help maintain the natural shine.

We also offer a supplemental water treatment system which in conjunction with the media blasting will keep stains and calcium buildup at bay, and keep your pool looking fresh and new for years to come.

With routine maintenance and servicing of your pool equipment, we can ensure that your pool is safe and running smoothly so you can get the most life out of your equipment.

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Pool tile cleaning Ventura County, CA

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