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Do you remember when your pool was brand new? The elegant beauty of clean pool tiles can make your entire backyard glisten in the sun. Unfortunately, water quality can often have devastating effects on the appearance of your pool. Calcium buildup and other deposits can make your pool appear dirty and aged when this is often far from the case. These milky white stains are inevitable, even if your water quality is excellent  and they can be very difficult to remove. However, replacing your pool tiles is an unnecessary and expensive solution that will leave your pool out-of-commission for quite some time.

Bead blasting is an innovative solution that utilizes a fine media to literally blast foreign deposits off the surface of your pool. This safe procedure only requires your pool to be drained a few inches and is safe and effective on tile, brick, coping, natural rock, flagstone, and quartz. After the cleaning is completed, the beads are simply vacuumed off the floor of your pool and your pool is as good as new. Bead blasting only takes a day and will leave your pool sparkling and your backyard beautiful, making it an excellent investment for homeowners.

After your pool is cleaned, there are soft treatment systems available that will significantly aid you in keeping your calcium buildup problems at bay. With a good bead blasting and a supplemental water treatment system, your pool can be looking top-notch for the rest of its years.

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Our Process

1. Lower the pool water level if needed.
Step 1 - Pool Tile Cleaning Process
2. Safely remove buildup with our non-toxic and safe media blasting method.Step 2 - Pool Tile Cleaning Process
3. Clean up and remove media that is left behind from blasting.Step 3 - Pool Tile Cleaning Process
4. Clean up and refill the pool.Step 4 - Pool Tile Cleaning Process

How it works

Under extremely high pressure a powdered media – similar to baking soda – is used to blast away any buildup that remains on the surface.

See how it works

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