Pool Tile Cleaning Services

At New Image Pool we want your pool to sparkle like new. Our pool tile cleaning professionals will remove hard water stains, calcium and other build up with our media blasting method which utilizes the latest and safest technology.

There is no need to empty your pool. A few inches of drainage is all it takes. And our method doesn’t require any abrasive sanding that could scratch or damage the surface, and we don’t use any harmful corrosive cleaners.

Our pool cleaning specialists use Kieserite, beads, or baking soda for blasting, depending on the type of surface to be cleaned. Whether your pool surface is tile, brick, coping, natural rock, or quartz, we have the perfect blasting media for your specific needs.

When the blasting is done any remaining media is vacuumed up and removed, leaving you with a fresh, sparkling pool.

Pool and Tile Cleaning in 3 easy steps.

  1. Drain approximately 3 to 4 inches of water.
  2. Blast stains and calcium build up with the media best suited for your surface.
  3. Clean and vacuum any remaining media.

Swimming Pool Service

Everyone wants a clean, beautiful pool, and to have fun in the sun poolside with family and friends. But no one wants to deal with the hassle and hazards of proper pool maintenance. Your pool may look clean, but looks can sometimes be deceiving.

At New Image Pool & Tile Cleaning our pool maintenance technicians are trained to know that even clear water could potentially harbor bacteria, algae or other unwanted and unsafe microorganisms. Maintaining a proper PH balance is an ongoing process. If acid levels are too high, it can cause skin and eye irritation or corrode metal equipment. If the water is too alkaline, it can cause scaling which can cloud your water. Either scenario will alter the effectiveness of chlorine.

With our Pool Chemical Service, we test the ph levels to make certain the chemicals are balanced properly. Anything from oils on a swimmer’s body to things falling in the pool can alter the pool’s chemical makeup. Our weekly Pool Chemical Service also includes checking and cleaning of skimmer and pump baskets.

The Full Service includes the Pool Chemical Service plus brushing, netting and cleaning as needed. Our pool service techs also provide all chemicals so you don’t have to store any.

So, kick back, relax and let the professional pool service technicians at New Image Pool & Tile Cleaning take care of it all for you.